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Western Cape Clinics

Tygerberg Hospital:
Developmental and Neurological problems:
Paediatric Neurology Clinic: (021) 938 4539 for appointments
A comprehensive tertiary Paediatric neurology service is offered at Tygerberg Children’s Hospital. Patients with neurological problems are seen daily at specialized neurology clinics by 2 Paediatric Neurologists and a Developmental Paediatrician.

Children with any of the following problems should be referred:
  • Developmental delay, including cerebral palsy and speech disorders.
  • Epilepsy
  • Headache
  • Neuro-regression (loss of previously obtained milestones)
  • Behaviour disorders and ADHD (the latter only after evaluation by an educational psychologist)
  • Neuro-muscular disorders etc

Children who need specialized tests are admitted to our 10 bed neurology ward for further evaluation.

High Risk neurodevelopmental follow up for infants born prematurely: 938 4539 for appointments

Red Cross Children’s Hospital:
Behaviour disorders clinic (021) 658 5434

Cerebral Palsy Clinic (021) 658 5033
The clinic provides physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and feeding therapy, social intervention and educational placement.

Developmental Assessment Clinic (021) 658 5535
For children with developmental delay or at risk for developmental problems, intellectual disability, behaviour disorders, pre-school or non-school attending children with learning problems

Epilepsy Clinic (021) 658 5434
Known Epilepsy patients of the Neurology Service

High Risk Clinic: (021) 658 5033
For infants with high risk of developing developmental problems.

Muscle Disorders Clinic (021) 658 5434
Any child who has muscle weakness or is suspected of having a muscle disorder. Prior telephone consultation is often useful. Referral through medical services is preferred

Neurocutaneous clinic: (021) 658 5434
Telephonic consultations are required before booking
Mostly neurofibromatosis but also other neurocutaneous conditions

Neurology Clinic (021) 658 5434(appointments and telephonic consultations)
Children with Complex neurological problems; infants and children with any disorder involving the central and/or peripheral nervous system

Neurometabolic clinic (021) 658 5434
Complex patients with suspected neurometabolic condition, these children have often had extensive investigations already and are referred by specialists.

Spinal Defects Clinic (021) 658 5400
A Multidisciplinary clinic for children with neural tube defects (i.e. spina bifida/myelomeningocoele)

George Hospital:
Children with neurodevelopmental problems are seen at the Paediatrics Specialist Clinic:
For an appointment: (044) 802 4424

Paarl Hospital:
Paediatric Epilepsy Clinic and Neurodevelopmental Clinic (021) 872 1711 ext 2361
Supported by Developmental Paediatrician fromTygerberg Hospital

Eben Döngers Hospital
Paediatric Specialist Clinic (023) 348 1172
Supported by Neurologist from Tygerberg Hospital