Patients Corner


Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital:
This hospital provides a quaternary specialist service and patients will only be attended to only if they have been referred by paediatric specialists and hospitals in the province according to the provincial referral protocol.

Paediatric Neurology Clinic: 031-240-1609/8
Strictly by referral and booking only after discussion with the neurology team. The clinic provides a comprehensive paediatric neurology service for children movement and balance disorders, neuromuscular and neurometabolic problems.

Epilepsy Clinic: 031-240-1609/8

A comprehensive specialist service for children with complicated epilepsy

Child Development Clinic: 031-240-1609

Bookings only after assessment in Paediatric Neurology Clinic
A transdisciplinary clinic comprising occupational therapist, physical therapist, social worker, psychologist, dietician , speech therapist, audiologist and the neurology medical team. This is a clinic for children with special needs: motor, cognitive and language developmental delay, behavioural disorders, severe disability and learning disorders.

Paediatric Neuro-genetic Clinic: 031-240-1609

Bookings only after assessment in the Paediatric neurology and child development clinic. Services provided by a clinical geneticist and the Child development clinic team for children with genetic and neurological problems.

The following hospitals in the Durban functional region provide paediatric neurology and epilepsy services. Patients will generally only be attended to only by appointment. Children with developmental delay, behavioral disorders, learning problems and epilepsy are assessed and managed by paediatricians. Patients with complex problems are referred to Inkosi Albert Luthuli Paediatric Neurology Unit if indicated

King Edward Hospital: 031- 360-3776

A daily screening and management service is available for referred patients with epilepsy and Neurodevelopmental delay.

Mahatma Gandhi Hospital: 031-502-1719 ext 2040
Neurology and epilepsy clinic on Mondays

RK Khan Hospital: 031- 4033223
Neurology clinic: Tuesday and Epilepsy clinic: Thursday

Prince Mshiyeni Hospital: 031-907-8346
Epilepsy clinic: Tuesday


Greys Hospital: 033- 897-3185

Neurodevelopment clinic: Wednesday
The clinic attends to patients with general neurological problems, developmental delay and epilepsy. Patients are only seen on referral and by appointment.

Learning disorder clinic: Tuesday
This is a clinic for children with learning and behavioural problems.