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Fellow - Epilepsy/Research (Neurology Department), 12 months fixed term
  • Do you want to work in the largest neurology department in Australasia?
  • Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city and a great place to live and work
A position is available for an epilepsy fellow in Auckland, New Zealand.
You will be expected to work on two exciting research projects and approximately 50% of your time will involve clinical epilepsy work.

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Dear Colleagues,

The International Pediatric Stroke Organization (IPSO) is an independent non-profit organization (501c3) of health professionals and scientists worldwide with an interest in pediatric stroke and cerebrovascular disease. Its annual conferences, with both scientific sessions and clinical symposiums, will provide opportunities for multi-disciplinary interactions and collaborations. IPSO members will tackle important research questions, share clinical best practices, and collaborate on projects aimed at awareness, education, and advocacy.

Some bullet points are below, and more detailed information can be found on the IPSO website: There is also a place on the website to sign up for more information about IPSO, or to join the IPSO Working Group.
  • IPSO mission: To improve the lives of children across the globe with stroke or at risk for stroke through research, education, and advocacy.
  • IPSO Working Group: We are now forming the IPSO Working Group to develop the organizational structure and charter, and set up IPSO committees. Please go to the IPSO website to volunteer for this working group, and to see who has already signed up.
  • International Pediatric Stroke Study (IPSS) and IPSO: The IPSS network, which has been collaborating on pediatric stroke research since 2003, will continue as the IPSO Data and Imaging Core. IPSO will be a larger umbrella organization, and people can join IPSO with or without participating in IPSS research studies.
  • IPSO Membership Drive: The IPSO membership drive will begin in the fall of this year. Stay tuned for more information!
  • IPSO Founding Members Congress: With generous start-up funds from the Pediatric Epilepsy Research Foundation (PERF), we will host the IPSO Founding Members Congress in Vienna in May, 2020 (approximate dates, May 10-12, 2020). At that 2-day Congress, we will ratify the IPSO charter, drafted by the IPSO Working Group, and hold our first conference of scientific and clinical sessions fully dedicated to pediatric cerebrovascular disease.
  • Help spread the word: IPSO aims to bring together all disciplines with an interest in pediatric cerebrovascular disease. Please spread the word about IPSO to your colleagues: neurologists, hematologists, interventional and diagnostic neuroradiologists, pediatric and vascular neurosurgeons, intensivists, physiatrists, radiation oncologists, psychologists, rehabilitation therapists, nurses, and scientists. All are welcome to join IPSO!
Please forward this letter to anyone else who you think might be interested in this new organization. IPSO will have numerous leadership opportunities and wants to invite everyone to get involved and help shape the future of the field of pediatric cerebrovascular disease.

Let us know if you have any questions! You can also reach the IPSO administrative team directly through this email:

Thank you!

Great award to a respected colleague who has been quietly working and promoting the care of children with neurodisability in Zimbabwe for many many years.

Dr Powell

Hi All

2018 has passed so quickly and I’m sure everyone is looking forward to the holidays.

On behalf of PANDA, my congratulations to Jo who is now ICNA president. We are super-proud and wish her well with this monumental task. We know that the organization is now in the best hands ever.

PANDA has had a good year with the membership numbers increasing dramatically (thanks to Ronald for all the hard work) and very successful meetings being held.
In August, where the PANDA track at SAPA was organized by Ronald, we were given a few lectures by international speakers Tammy Hedderly and Charlie Fairhurst as well as great talks by local speakers.
In October we held the Paediatric Epilepsy meeting in Cape Town where Helen Cross gave 3 amazing lectures. Our thanks to everyone who participated and to Jo and Veruschka who helped to organize.

The PET1 course has continued to get very positive feedback and in 2018 meetings were held in Durban, East London and Cape Town. There was also South African involvement in courses in Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana. The next course will be on the 2nd Feb in Pretoria.

It was good to see many South Africans at ICNC in Mumbai – they were probably solely responsible for the wine running out at the gala dinner long before the evening was over (you know who you are!!).

Please find attached the final Journal Watch of 2018 thanks to the Wits Paed Neurology fellows.
Also attached is the ACNA group photo taken in Mumbai

I wish everyone safe travels and a great holiday, merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and peaceful 2019!

Best wishes

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Metabolic Symposium.
Click here to download Beyond the case for NBS in South Africa
Click here to download Metabolism At a Glance and in 1 Hour
Click here to download Neurotransmitter Disorders A Laboratory Approach
Click here to download Congenital disorders of Glycosylation (CDGs): Diagnostic dilemma

EpiNet Newsletter - October 2015
EpiNet has been established to facilitate clinical research in epilepsy.
We will have an exhibition table at the World Congress of Neurology meeting in Santiago in November. Please encourage neurologists and epileptologists who will be attending the meeting to come along and find out how they can get involved in this exciting project.

Epilepsy Fellow, Auckland City Hospital
A position is available for an epilepsy fellow in Auckland, New Zealand. Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city and a great place to live and work. The neurology department at Auckland hospital is the largest in Australasia.
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EpiNet Newsletter - August 2015
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EPNS report 2015
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Dravet Syndrome Family Support Group

Families of Dravet Syndrome patients are faced with multiple physical and behavioural challenges which can make them feel isolated and overwhelmed. Connecting with other families that are going through the same thing can provide important information and support that makes the management of the condition easier. For further information contact Jessica 0833026877 or 

A Parents Guide
  • New Monthly Journal Watch: September: What is normal?
  • New Monthly Journal Watch : Motivation is the key ; Reading , Writing ,Ritalin etc
  • Positive Discipline - Parents Manual
  • Applied Behavior Analysis - A Parent’s Guide
  • Toilet Training - A Parent’s Guide
  • An Introduction to Behavioral Health Treatments - A Parent’s Guide

  • Autism Apps
  • Autism Apps Dr Griessel [pdf]

  • Visual Supports and Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Visual Supports and Autism Spectrum Disorders [pdf]

  • From Neurons to Neighbourhoods
    Click here to download the "From Neurons to Neighbourhoods" document. [pdf]

    African Paediatric Neurology Association (APNA)

    APNA membership application form

    send completed forms to:
    Andre Venter  or
    Gail Scher 

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