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ACNA AGM minutes 2018




Gail Scher

South Africa

Jo Wilmshurst

South Africa

Kirsty Donald

South Africa

Gill Riordan

South Africa

Richard Idro


Pauline Samia




Edward Kija


Veena Kander

South Africa

Lawrence Mubaiwa

South Africa

Amina Bham

South Africa

Sharika Raga

South Africa

Nomazulu Dlamini


Kafula Lisa Nkole


Sr Ornella Accione


Debbie Pearce

South Africa

Marc Hauptfleisch

South Africa

Regan Solomons

South Africa

Jeanine Rademeyer

South Africa

Elizabeth Ho

South Africa

Vasantha Govender

South Africa

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Gail opened the meeting and welcomed everyone in the absence of Prof Ahmed Raouf who needed to chair an ICNC session.

Child Neurology Activities:
She asked all the delegates to discuss meetings and activities related to child neurology that had taken place in their countries over the previous 2 years:
  1. Edward Kija – Tanzania
    EEG update 2017
    Neurology update for residents
    PET1 course 2018
  2. Richard Idro – Uganda
    There are 3 child neurologists in Uganda who also have education / curriculum to deal with.
    PET1 course – mostly targeting paediatricians and junior doctors (90delegates)
  3. Charles Hammond – Ghana
    1 child neurologist and some experienced paediatricians
    Launch of PET – received support from paed society
    Another PET in 2018
    Annual Paeds meeting was heavily neuro-loaded
    Trainees starting 2019 and 2020
  4. Pauline Samia – Kenya 5 child neurologists and some doctors in training
    Many general paed meetings with some neuro
    4 PET1 courses with a total of 180 attendees
    EAACD has 2 meetings in Kenya, 1 in Tanzania, 1 in Kampala (2017), 1 in Addis Ababa (2018), next in 2019 in Rwanda
  5. Gail Scher - South Africa
    About 30 child neurologists and 12 neurodev paeds
    Launch of PET1 in Cape Town in Feb 2016 and training of trainers as well as new trainers running a PET course. Courses in Johannesburg 2016 and 2017,
    East London, Durban and Cape Town in 2018
    PANDA, our association for Paediatric Neurologists and Neurodevelopmental Paediatricians as well as doctors working or having an interest in those fields now has about 140 members.
    We had a Cerebral Palsy and Movement Disorder workshop (Mar 2017) and an Epilepsy meeting with Helen Cross as the guest speaker (Oct 2018) as well as very successful PANDA tracks at the SA Paediatric Association meetings in 2016 and 2018. The Paediatric update in Cape Town in 2017 was co-hosted by Neurodevelopmental Paediatrics.
  6. Accione and Nkole - Zambia
    They have a trainee and are developing a curriculum and are organizing visiting lecturers and experts

    Jo Wilmshurst
    Gail congratulated Jo on behalf of ACNA on being elected as ICNA president and conveyed how proud we are.
    Jo commented that the ICNA board now has more African representatives than ever before with her, Charles and Ahmed now being joined by Edward, Richard Idro and Pauline

    This remains a major hurdle and I was unable to send out e-mail blasts to our members through the website
    “Telegram” was suggested as a platform for communication as well as there is a new website person associated with ICNA who would be able to assist.
4th African Epilepsy Congress Aug 22-24th Kampala, Uganda
Epilepsy Research Advocacy workshop

Jo mentioned meeting would occur in Kampala affiliated to the AEC with presentations on publishing in Africa (how to publish) and simple interventions in Africa

APFP main driver
There are trainees from Sudan, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Malawi and Botswana

The meeting was closed by Gail with a plea for everyone to join ACNA which has free membership and to encourage communication among members as well as more meetings and cooperation in research and training