The objectives of the Association shall be:

  1. To promote:
    • Communication and networking between all professionals in the fields of Paediatric Neurology and Child Development in Southern Africa.
    • The forging of international links with professionals working in these fields.
    • Further education by:
      • organising meetings, discussion groups, conferences etc. To provide continuing medical education for professionals within the various regions.
      • training of health care professionals at centres of excellence in Paediatric Neuro- logy and Child Development.
      • disseminating up to date resource registers, guidelines and other useful information.
    • Public education through the media.
    • The health of and lobby for children with special needs with the relevant authorities.
    • Research collaboration and play an active role in the acquisition of research funding.
  2. To facilitate the organisation of specialised services within each region.
  3. To function as a pressure group for matters pertaining to the sub-specialities (e.g. the training of registrars, billing etc.)
  4. To forge links with other professional bodies that are engaged in similar activities of promoting the welfare and development of children.